Ghost Photography

Ghost Photo Point LomaThe haunted campus of Point Loma Nazarene University hasn’t yielded many “ghost photographs”. This one you see here—the one with the orb—is actually the only one I’ve ever taken on campus. In fact, it might not even be a ghost after all.

That orb in this picture is probably just a speck of dust on the camera lens. Nothing to be afraid of. I’m more worried about how sweaty my armpits look in the photograph.

To be honest, I’m pretty skeptical about the idea of photographing a ghost. I don’t believe anyone can actually use technology to measure or record ghosts with any accuracy.

Still, that doesn’t mean ghosts aren’t real.

While Point Loma hasn’t brought me many “ghost photographs”, it has spawned several strange and inexplicable experiences. If you’re open to these mysteries—and if you’re as skeptical as I am of people who claim to photograph ghosts—this book is for you.

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