The Author, David J. Schmidt

David J Schmidt AuthorDavid J. Schmidt is an author, professional storyteller, translator, and home-brewer from San Diego, CA. He speaks nine languages and has been to 29 countries, all of which have their own resident ghosts.

Schmidt became interested in scary stories as a child, when he scared the living daylights out of his Boy Scout troop by telling them the tale of “the Golden Arm”. As an adult, he has collected folklore and strange stories around the world, from the remote mountains of southern Mexico to the jungles of Peru, from Ireland’s pubs to Egypt’s “City of the Dead”.

While Schmidt doesn’t claim to have the answers that explain everything “paranormal”, he is certain that much exists beyond our understanding.

Schmidt received his B.A. in psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University, where he first met the ghosts of this particular haunted Christian college.

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