Where The Ghosts Live

This book looks at one particular haunted place in one corner of the planet. Through these stories, readers gain a better understanding of ghost stories everywhere.

IMAG0291Point Loma Nazarene University is a conservative Christian college overlooking the Pacific Ocean. California sunshine, warm sunny days, Bible studies on the beach. It’s the last place in the world you’d expect to find ghosts.

And yet, ghost stories abound here. Why? The answers may surprise you.

This book presents the chilling ghost stories of one particular Christian college in order to better understand haunted places all over the world. Through the “case study” of this particular haunted campus, I consider the question: What is a ghost, anyway?

IMAG0268Come with me as we peer at those dark forms hiding in the shadows. Join me in exploring the unique world of a haunted Christian college. Learn about the mysterious Theosophists, the sect of Occultists who built the campus of Point Loma more than a century ago.

The ghosts of Point Loma may remind you of stories you heard as a child. They might bring to mind something you read about that famous haunted place in your hometown. They may even remind you of that one particular room in your house—the room where nobody wants to spend the night alone.

Come join me on this journey into the unknown.

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