The Tiny Staircase Series

Tiny StaircaseScroll down to read about my series of short e-books. First, though, check out my new book about my terrifying visit to the haunted clown motel!


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Before IT… Before Pennywise… Before anyone was afraid to look in the sewers… There was “The Clown Motel.” And it isn’t fiction.

Read this true story of my journey to visit this haunted, clown-themed motel in the Nevada desert, and make it out alive. Find the book on Amazon here.






“The Tiny Staircase” is a series of short e-books about ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, cryptids, strange phenomena, and all things that go bump in the night.

These books will be released periodically in the near future. If you are a lover of eerie tales and appreciate life’s great mysteries, you’ll love the short books in “The Tiny Staircase”. Think of it like those old Time Life Paranormal book series we used to see in commercials back in the 80s. Only these are e-books. You can read them on any reader, smartphone, tablet, or computer. And you don’t have to wait for the postman to bring the books to you in the mail, so you won’t even have to put pants on to get it.

Also, the books will often be totally free.

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Below you will find all books in this series in order of publication date.

Ghosts Recordings of the Past - CoverGhosts: Recordings of the Past (July 2015)
This book goes into one theory about what ghosts and hauntings might be all about–they may not be “spirits” after all.)
This book is free for all visitors to this site. To get your copy just tell me what address to send it to.

Tiny-Steps-EbookThe Tiny Steps (June 2015)
This book is a historical narrative and ghost story set in the personal residence of Madame Tingley, the occultist leader of a group of Theosophists who resided on the west coast of San Diego in the early 20th century.

You can buy this book on Amazon.


masMas frio que la nieve (August 2015)

Usted puede comprar este libro en

Acabo de terminar este nuevo libro de cuentos de terror, escrito en español.

Un duende que cobra la apariencia de los seres humanos… Una bruja caníbal que devora a los habitantes de una aldea… Una misteriosa explosión en el cielo sobre Siberia que arrasó con miles de kilómetros de árboles…

Este libro de cuentos espeluznantes presenta imágenes macabras y ominosas de brujas, monstruos, fantasmas, espíritus maléficos, y fenómenos inexplicables. Leerás la historia de los jóvenes modernos que decidieron conjurar fuerzas oscuras a la medianoche; del hombre lobo que regresó para vengarse de la familia que lo condenó; de los dos forasteros que llegaron a un pueblo torturado por la brujería.

Algún día sacaré una versión en inglés también…cuando me de la gana.