The Tiny Steps

Tiny-Steps-EbookA Ghost Story From The Tiny Staircase Series

This house was built by Madame Tingley. In this house, there is a staircase. And on that staircase are the tiny steps. This is the story of that staircase, of the woman who built it, and of one security guard who spent the night in that house alone–and lived to tell about it.

Madame Tingley was the enigmatic woman who used to live here a hundred years ago. She built the house for the spirits, they say. She was obsessed with the spirit world–she planned on haunting her own house after she died. What is the truth behind these legends? Is it true what people say–that strange things happen in here at night?

In this first installment in “The Tiny Staircase” series, read the true account of one security guard who had one of the strangest nights of his life in this house. Read about the mysterious Madame Tingley, the woman who built this house that now stands on a private California college.

This is the tale of the tiny steps.

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