What Is A Ghost?

lady in whiteNearly every country on earth has stories of haunted places. But what is a ghost?

When most people think of the word “ghost”, they think of the spirit of a dead person that is stuck here in earth. This leads to some very strong opinions on the matter.

Some folks feel sure the spirits exist—they claim they can detect them with electronic equipment and speak to them through a medium. Others say ghosts can’t exist—our technology can’t detect them, so they must not be there. Still others claim that human spirits can’t stay on earth after death—so ghosts can’t exist.

open doorBut what if ghosts are something different altogether? What if ghost stories are, in fact, compatible with a religious worldview and a scientific perspective? What if there is more mystery out there in the universe than we may have imagined?

In this book, I use this particular haunted college as a “case study” to examine the phenomenon of ghosts. In the process, I look into some of these questions:

  • Why are ghost stories often associated with places where some great tragedy happened?
  • Why do poltergeist phenomena seem to surround adolescents?
  • Is it possible for a new house to be “haunted”?
  • Are ghosts always associated with dead people and the past?
  • Is it possible to “create” a ghost?
  • Why do different people perceive “ghosts” in different ways?
  • What can Tibetan mythology, Mexican folklore and Peruvian vampires teach us about ghosts?
  • Can a ghost story be true, even if it never happened?

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